Join the reusable container movement

We are working on building a cooperative and circular network of reusable containers for restaurants in Quebec.

Get ready, our service is coming to Montreal in January 2022!

Our socio-financing campaign is underway!

A solidarity cooperative, local and committed

Restaurant owners as drivers of the transition

We are committed to bringing together the restaurant industry in our Quebec cities around a committed project to support them in their ecological transition by offering them a practical, accessible and local solution.

Conscious consumers who are actors of change

By ordering and consuming their take-out food in Retournzy reusable containers, consumers encourage local businesses while reducing their ecological impact. A simple gesture that costs nothing*!

*The service is completely free and only requires a deposit from the user. The deposit will be returned to the user when they return the container.

How does it work for the customer?

1. Commander

1. Order

I place my order with a member restaurant of the cooperative

2. Récupérer

2. Pay

I pay my check and deposit

3. Payer

3. Pick

I receive my meal in a returnable container

4. Manger

4. Eat

I enjoy my meal preserved in best conditions

5. Rapporter

5. Return

I return my container and get my deposit back or I wait to redeem it later

How does Retournzy work?

1. Deliver

We deliver washed and sanitized containers to the cooperative member restaurants

2. Eat

Consumers pick up their order in a returnable container and enjoy their meal

3. Return

Consumers return their container to a member establishments

4. Collect

We take care of collecting used containers from member establishments

5. Wash

We wash and sanitize all containers to ensure impeccable hygiene

And do it again.

6. Recycle

When containers are damaged or destroyed, we ensure that they are recycled to give them a second life

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