Retournzy coop’s mission is to reduce waste at the source in the catering, event, corporate and institutional sectors in order to revolutionize the way people consume take-out meals or meals normally served in individual single-use containers, by offering an ecological and sustainable alternative to the use of these containers, thanks to a turnkey service of distribution, collection, washing and sanitation of shared reusable containers. Retournzy informs and educates food service professionals and consumers on the issue of single use and the benefits of reusable containers in the face of these challenges.




By sharing reusable containers as an alternative to single-use containers, we want to encourage a circular economy



By paying attention to every details, from the choice of containers to their transport, we ensure the ecological coherence of our service



By professionally cleaning containers, we ensure that their hygiene meets the rules defined by the MAPAQ

Transparence Retournzy


We advocate transparent and honest communication with all our stakeholders

Love & Care


By working together, we are convinced that we can bring an alternative the new normal of tomorrow

Travel Activities


We want to gather around the project a community of actors committed to the transition. The cooperative model allows us to offer a service designed by and for its members, so that they can define the solution and make it radiate, within a strong, committed and united network


The strength of our team is diversity! Because we are entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, caterers and logistics experts from different backgrounds, we have assembled our skills to create a more resilient local community with you.

Working members

Cindy Vaucher

Executive Coordinator

Florian Maysonnave

Marketing Strategy Coordinator

France Gosselin

Business Development and Administration Coordinator

Genevieve photo équipe
Geneviève Bélanger Villanueva

Communications Officer

photo Sarah
Sarah Le Masson

Project manager

Board of Directors

France Gosselin


Marguerite Rose

Vice President

Marc Obeid


Florian Maysonnave


Genevieve photo équipe
Geneviève Bélanger Villanueva

Founding team

Cindy Vaucher
Florian Maysonnave
France Gosselin
Christophe Coltey

Restaurateur Caribou Gourmand

Tsahaï Papatakis

Caterer Food’elles

Shohan Rustom

Logistic Radish Coop


September 2020

Start of the Retournzy project by Cindy and Florian

October 2020

Participation in the Coopérathon Desjardins / Finalists in the Recyc-Québec category

January 2021

Start of the incubation process at EntrePrism / Jury’s Favourite Award

March 2021

Constitution of the Retournzy solidarity coop with the help of the CDRQ

July 2021

First order of containers for the pre-pilot project

October 2021

Launch and success of a socio-financing campaign

October 2021

Start of the MTLab Incubation Path

March 2022

Launch of the sharing network pilot project with 6 institutions and 4 drop-off points in Montreal

SDC Rue Saint-Denis

November 2022

Launch of the sharing network in the Plateau Mont-Royal

Awards and distinctions

Coopérathon 2020

Finalists in the Recyc-Québec category

EntrePrism (HEC Montréal)

Jury’s Favourite Award ($1,000 grant)

Défi Propulsion (Desjardins)

Winners of the “Défi Propulsion” ($10,000 grant)

Participatory budget of the Plateau-Mont-Royal

Third most voted project by citizens


Grant of $5,000

Youth wing of the Chantier de l’Économie Sociale

$2,500 grant from the Transition in the “Circular Economy” category

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